The walling profile range gives you the flexibility to select a product to suit any architectural style or environment. There's a walling profile to suit every Australian building application - residential or commercial.The walling profile range has been designed to complement the roofing range and is manufactured from genuine COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

- All our roofing profiles can also be used for walling applications, however the range shown here are specifically developed walling profiles that are only able to be used for wall cladding.
LYSAGHT MINI ORB® is a mini-corrugated profile which is suitable for use in interior or exterior applications on straight or curved surfaces. It has the same traditional shape as LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® but on a much reduced scale.  Its subtle profile is a perfect complement to other LYSAGHT® claddings to provide a "contrasting" surface as an accent feature.
•    Able to be used for both straight and curved applications
•    Can be used with the corrugations running vertically or horizontally
•    Can be laid flat, pre-curved, or spring-curved for increased versatility
•    Available in a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours and ZINCALUME® steel

LYSAGHT PANELRIB® has a fluted profile making it suitable for many applications where flat sheet would not normally be considered.  The longitudinal flutes provide rigidity along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width.
•    Can be used on exterior and interior walls and on straight or curved surfaces with flutes horizontal or vertical
•    Long, straight lengths minimise fixing costs
•    Available in a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours and ZINCALUME® steel

LYSAGHT MULTICLAD® is an economical and attractive wall profile suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential applications. The long clean lines of LYSAGHT MULTICLAD® can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
•    Available in a range of COLORBOND® steel colours and ZINCALUME® steel
•    Attractive trapezoidal multi-ribbed profile
•    840mm wide cover makes it quick and easy to install.


The LYSAGHT EASYCLAD® wall cladding is a stylish solution for both interior and exterior steel walling applications. Its easy "secret" fix system helps provide stylish clean lines for an uninterrupted weatherboard-like appearance.
•    Stylish, clean-line panels with a wide range of trim sections and accessories
•    Versatile panels can run vertically or horizontally
•    Wide range of trim sections and accessories are available
•    High impact resistance due to profile strength
•    Panels can run vertically or horizontally.


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